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What are Google Shopping Ads For Ecommerce?

Google Shopping has become a profitable marketing channel for many eCommerce businesses. Formerly known as “Product Listing Ads” it provides a great platform to maximise product visibility, outperform competitors and generate sales.

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or an established brand, we can successfully set up and manage a successful Google Shopping campaign that generates profitable returns.

We know what drives performance. Our proven strategies, along with our collaborative approach to working and unique partnerships with Google ensure you get the best returns on your Google Shopping Campaigns.

Boost your Online Sales with Google Shopping

It was the year 2002, the year Google Shopping was introduced. Back then, no one ever imagined that this small search engine would be able to hold around 65% of all the click-based shopping revenue generated worldwide. Today, some massive names have shifted their assets and complete working business models to the Google Shopping suite as well.

The location of the ads is often on the top of text search results or the right side of the Google Search picture. The ads will be prominent depending upon the amount paid by the advertiser and the keywords density. Each item will also indicate the price tag along with the eCommerce store name that’s offering the product along with the click option that takes directly to the website.

Our Google Shopping Approach

We have developed a data-driven and granular approach to Google Shopping campaigns; combining detailed customer insight with business data such as stock levels, product margin and promotional ranges and feed these into our results-orientated strategies. 

We’ve developed our own sophisticated management platform which allows us to control and optimize every aspect of your Google Shopping campaign and enable our Google qualified teams to focus on delivering your performance targets. 

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Shopping Campaign Management

Our campaign management service focuses on improving the ROI of your shopping campaigns by using intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting and persona-based modelling to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. You will work with a dedicated team of Google ecommerce experts, who will communicate regularly to review performance and share bid strategies and ideas for improving your campaigns.

Product Feed Optimization

Optimising your product feed is the foundation to any successful Google Shopping campaign. It’s responsible for every search term that your Shopping Ads appear for and helps to improve your Return on Ad spend. Our sophisticated software and team of expert analysts will help to ensure your product feed is continually optimised to deliver exceptional results.

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Reporting & Insights

Results are everything. They’re integral to maximizing performance and improving ROI. We continually monitor and fine-tune your Google Shopping campaigns, applying advanced optimisation techniques to ensure higher visibility and an effective allocation of your overall budget. Everything we do is backed by detailed reporting so that you always understand what results are being achieved and what improvements we’ve made.

Merchant Centre Setup & Management

Google Merchant Centre is a powerful tool which uploads your product listings for use with Google Shopping and make them available to shoppers across the platform. We offer everything from creating the merchant centre to assisting with disapprovals or warnings. Managing this crucial aspect of campaign set up and performance on your behalf, allows your ads to display correctly and simplifies your whole Google Shopping seller experience.

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What Our Clients Say About Rewokers?

In my opinion, Rewokers are an excellent agency to work with. Their account managers are highly skilled professionals who deliver and report positive results. Their forward-thinking strategies coupled with reactive strategies ensure that we stay ahead of our competition with regards to digital advertising.

Lorry Melon

Every member of Rewokers team has been terrific. I have worked mostly with Hasnat & Bilal and they have both been responsive, diligent, knowledgeable and flexible. So glad I found Rewokers for help with paid media.

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Kevin Burns

Working with Rewokers was an amazing experience. I would love to work with you guys again. Thank you & Highly recomended.


Amazing service and even more impressive behaviour. I liked their management system and how they treat the customers.