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Boost Your Local Business with Google Ads: Effective Strategies for Localized Online Advertising

What Is Paid Search Advertising?

Pay-per-click is a marketing model in which you pay each time someone clicks on one of your online ads. There are multiple types of PPC, with the most common being Google paid search ads. With paid search ads, your ad appears on a search engine results page when a user searches a related query. Why do so many businesses incorporate paid search into their marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons.


Cost Effectiveness

It’s a common misconception that Google Ads is an expensive marketing method. If appropriately managed, paid search advertising is cost-effective, and the return on investment can be substantial. Those who venture into paid search can spend as much or as little as they would like on ads.

How digital marketing can change your business?

Fast Results

Getting started with Google Ads is easy and guaranteed to bring traffic to your website almost immediately. Search engine marketing (SEM) also works well in collaboration with longer-term marketing strategies, such as SEO and email marketing.

Types of Google PPC Ads

There are a number of Google Pay Per Click Ads you can choose from, ranging from in-game App Ads to simple Shopping Ads.

Google Search Ads


Google Search Ad campaigns involve detailed text-based adverts that describe the page the advert leads to on Google. You can add lots of information such as prices, size and shapes. These enable you to advertise a product based on specific keywords ad go through to the page on your website you define.

Google Shopping Ads


Shopping campaigns involve detailed product descriptions, be it price, product photography, or size and shape. managed through Google Merchant Centre, Google Shopping Ads enable you to advertise a product based on specific keywords rather than the entire brand and its back catalogue.


Display Ads


Predominantly image-based, pay-per-click ads, Display Ads position eye-catching, vibrant content in front of the right audiences that are aligned with your brand image. Sometimes it’s as simple as producing quality content and getting it in front of the right people.


Video Ads


Mostly associated with YouTube, Video Ads are displayed before, during and sometimes after a video. It’s always worth remembering that YouTube is a search engine, meaning keywords have the same desired impact as they would on Google.

App Ads


With Google App Ads you can run multiple campaigns that encourage users to purchase your app based on their apparent use of the same app or similar ones. What’s more, unlike other campaigns, you don’t design an app ad - you bid on it. Google then does the work for you.


Discovery Ads


Discovery Ads are ‘native’ ads that appear in various Google feeds. Advertisers must create a specific Discovery Ads campaign, however, these same campaigns work just like Google’s own in-market audience targeting campaigns do. So, if it’s good enough for the world’s biggest internet platform, then it’s good enough for you.

Google Ads Process

Exploratory Research

We do a competitive analysis to understand your competitors’ performance and how your business currently compares.

Goal Setting

Our team collaborates with you to set measurable goals we can reference to evaluate our success.

Campaign Design

Our team of SEM experts builds a custom strategy to meet your unique goals, whether it’s designing and launching new campaigns from the ground up or optimizing existing campaigns based on historical data.

Ad Copy Development

Our team of wordsmiths creates custom ad copy based on competitor research and your brand’s voice and tone. We perform A/B testing and utilize multiple ad types to achieve the highest possible click-through rate.

Landing Page Optimization

By optimizing the pages your ads drive to, we improve conversion rates and encourage users through the sales funnel.

Weekly Tuning

We keep our ears to the ground by checking in weekly to make strategic tweaks and adjustments.


Lastly, we report on ad performance every month to provide transparency and pivot as needed.

What Our Clients Say About Rewokers?

In my opinion, Rewokers are an excellent agency to work with. Their account managers are highly skilled professionals who deliver and report positive results. Their forward-thinking strategies coupled with reactive strategies ensure that we stay ahead of our competition with regards to digital advertising.

Lorry Melon

Every member of Rewokers team has been terrific. I have worked mostly with Hasnat & Bilal and they have both been responsive, diligent, knowledgeable and flexible. So glad I found Rewokers for help with paid media.

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Kevin Burns

Working with Rewokers was an amazing experience. I would love to work with you guys again. Thank you & Highly recomended.


Amazing service and even more impressive behaviour. I liked their management system and how they treat the customers.


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