Solar Call Back Appointments

Campaign Name:​


Campaign Type:

Call Back Appointments

Campaign Payout:


Campaign Approval:

When CX will pickup the call for appointment.

Payment Term:

Weekly Net 7

Approved Marketing:

TCPA Compliant Transfers​

Restricted Marketing:

Fraudulent Calls, Non-Compliant Transfers​

Day Parting:

Mon - Sat

GEO- Targeting:


Billing System:​

Approval on G-Sheet.​

Payment Method:

Payoneer | Wire Transfer​


1. Must be an owner of Hose.
2. Single Family House.
3. Bill $100+
4. Credit Score 650+
5. No Shades.
6. Electric Provider.
7. Must be interested in Solar.
8. Total household income greater than $30,000
9. Consumer has paid Federal Taxes