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Call Center Services

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Rewokers is a customer focused call center and our passion for this plays a large role in our clients’ and our own, overall success. Every company needs a world-class customer service team to deal with the unexpected and when you outsource customer services with Impact, you get just that. We continuously invest in our agents and their training to ensure they know as much about your products or services as you do. We strive to resolve queries on a first call basis and are not afraid to be measured. This enables customers to conclude a call with us happy and satisfied with your service. We’re here to help companies grow, improve customer loyalty and with that help you succeed in all aspects of your business goals.


Customer Care

Your customers come first…always! Let us provide the personal touch missing from most digital self-service solutions to make sure your customers feel supported and heard. Our engaged and agile workforce perfectly combines the power of technology with problem-solving skills to show your customers you really care.

Most of the companies always struggle with the question, “Who will answer the phone in the middle of the night”?. We have the answer. We will answer the calls in the middle of the night.

Building trust, improving retention rates, and strengthening your brand with each interaction is how we earn and keep your business. Every interaction is an opportunity to positively impact others. We build customer service teams who know the true meaning of caring for others.


Technical Support

Our team of experts go the extra mile to build your brand through positive customer experiences with our omnichannel tech support solutions. Using AI and customized data analytics, we drive customer satisfaction for:


Your Website Runs 24/7 But Does Your Customer Support?

If you’re not there to answer questions and help your customers, your business is at risk of them leaving. Our Live chat support team can offer your customers the support that they need.

They help your business by answering questions, resolving problems, and assisting with sales, bookings, leads generation, and lead collection.


Outbound Solutions

Best call center service is vital to all businesses, big or small. Great customer service will help grow your company. attract new customers & keep your existing ones. Great customer service does not need to cost you the earth!

Rewokers can provide skilled BPO Call center service in different verticals:

  • Solar (Lead Generation | Appointment Settings).
  • Medicare (CPL/CPA).
  • Final Expense (CPL/CPA).

Our Process

We will provide you with seamless integration into our call centre services using proven on-boarding processes, training methods, well documented procedures, consultative account management and relevant reporting to fit into your method of working.
Our on-boarding process is an efficient, timely and professional experience for our partners and is one that we have undertaken very successfully many times with multiple and recent experience of on-boarding many diverse businesses.
Effective Script Development – In-house IT – IT Setup – Technological Infrastructure – System Integration Project Management – Project Implementation – Flexible Solutions